Have you thought about starting a side gig for a little extra money? Something that can be flexible where your earnings will be a direct result of the work you put in? AND maybe a product that you will love and use personally as a bonus?? Senegence might just be the company for you! Although the most popular product is LipSense, a long lasting lip color that on average wears 4-18 hours, the company sells an entire line of anti-aging skin care AND cosmetics! Most dermatologist will say you are never to young to start using anti- aging products so why not use them in your cosmetics which doesn’t add anytime to your morning routine? The company was founded by a women who wanted to offer a way for women to have financial independence so the compensation plan is amazing, so amazing that guys have jumped in and started selling too. You make money 2 ways, selling the products and your team. When you purchase products you will pay the retail tax price so when you sell them at cost, you are charging a tax reimbursement fee, and you don’t even have to file any taxes on your profits! (You already paid the sales tax up front remember). As you grow your team you get a % of their individual sales added to your paycheck (but of course that doesn’t take anything away from them, the company pays you out of their pocket), and then when you have the opportunity to also get a group sale bonus when you have 5 people on your team ordering. There are other company incentives like free trips for you +1 (including airfare…can you say Costa Rica this year and Australia next year), reimbursed car payments, free retreats, several fun company challenges (one you can even have a limited edition lip color named after you), and as you advance in the company you get thank you gifts like jewelry and recognition at company conferences where you get a tiara to wear based on  your team size  (Senegence as a company loves to support our customers too! The distributors can contribute to the “Makesense Foundation” which offers scholarships and grants to those wanting to better themselves through education. There are no monthly minimums for distributors, no sneaky auto ship for customers, just a great, quality product that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So, all this great info i’m sure you are at a point where you are wondering how much it is to sign up. It’s only $55 as an annual fee and you automatically get 20% off the products. The more you buy the bigger your discount (like other whole sale purchases) and you can get up to 50% off products!

Ya’ll (yes I’m a Texan now although my home town is in So. California) I’m a mom of 2 grade school kids, I work full time as an elementary school nurse, and have been successful with this as a side business. Most of my income at this point is because of my independent sales. ( I don’t even think I will get a 1099 for paid commissions in 2017). I have used my earnings to build my stock, take my kids on a vacation to Disneyland, take a fun trip to Great wolf Lodge, and pay extra on some bills.  As a member of my team I will help you to launch your business to make it whatever you want it to be. Whether you want to keep it small and sell to family and friends to make a little extra spending money, work just to qualify for a free trip or car payment, or if you are wanting to sell these products and become an independent business owner, work for yourself, and support your family, I can help you get there. Please email me if you would like any additional information or you can check out the following links! Thanks,
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