Piphany by Colleen Stieb

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Would you like to be part of an amazing new clothing business?  Piphany is a new company that started in April 2018.  We have gorgeous fashion forward clothing and the best people at headquarters that you will ever know.  I am proud to be a part of a company that is transparent with their stylists and truly cares about each of us.  When you get a friend request from the CEO that's pretty cool.  I left another direct sales business after almost 2 years for a better business model for me and my family.  I now can travel with my husband, spend time with my granddaughter and not have to worry about constantly working 24 hours on my business.  My stress level and anxiety have dropped tremendously since I moved to Piphany.  Would you like to join my team of amazing women?  If you join me before November 30, 2018 you will save $100 on your signup costs.  It's is normally $199 but until November 30, 2018 it is only $99!  Wait, did I hear that right - only $99 to start my own business??  Yes, and did I mention you don't have to carry inventory unless you want to?  Contact me today and we can get you started.

Colleen Stieb