Pink Zebra Independent Consultant with Alcie Duke, Director

Alcie Duke, Director - Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

Don't you just love walking into your House and it Thinking It Smells Wonderful?

*Customize your Fragrance for Your Home with Sprinkles.
Sprinkles Come in over 50 Fragrances. 
Blend them to Create your unique scent. 

They come in 3.75oz. Jars or 16oz Cartons

*Customize your Fragrance on the Go with Soaks
Personalize your own fragrances plug-free and flame-free at home or on the go! We have a whole line of products that you can Just Add Soaks:
Car fresheners, woolies, Nakeds, Lotions, and Clip-its!
Shimmering Lights & Shades - Lighting, fragrances, and home decor

that will be sure to perfect the right mood in any room or transform it for special moments.

Simmer Pots - Featuring exclusive designs and with no light needed.
These Simmer Pots are a perfect fit anywhere you need a burst of Fragrance!
 Each heating base has a fun zebra embossed pattern.  
Give yourself more decor options with 2-dish sets!
Glimmer Candles are so EZPZ! - With our festive Glimmer kits,
you can elevate the charm and class of petite candles.  

In seconds you will have these burning your favorite fragrances. 

Join My Pink Zebra Family
Let's change lives -- beginning with yours!
Join one of the fastest growing party plan companies that is fun, unique, and cutting edge.
Pink Zebra is a business and brand you can personalize to meet your goals. Earn up to 35%
from selling our consumable products, or just get a 25% discount for your self.  
Plus Pink Zebra offers generous leadership commission for building a team and is proud to pay you 10% on anyone who you personally enroll into the business no matter your title!

Pink Zebra allows you to personalize your fragrance through our incredible, unique product line.

In addition, you can also make the business "Uniquely Yours" through parties, events, social media, a personal website, and an industry unique fundraiser program that is 100% supported by its own catalog and pay plan.


Alcie Duke, Director
Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

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